QI Kang

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Qi Kang, male, Professor, doctor tutor, architect, planner, architectural educator, architectural scholar. In October 28, 1931, he was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu province and his native place is Hangzhou, Zhejiang. In August 1952, he graduated from Architecture Department of Nanjing University, which is the School of Architecture in Southeast University now and he remained as a teacher. He has served as the dean of the teach-research group and the architecture department, the general secretary of the Party branch of the department, the deputy dean of Nanjing Institute of Technology, the director of Research Institute of Architecture, the general consultant of the Architectural Design Research Institute and so on.

In 1965, Professor Qi was elected as a director and executive director of Architectural Society of China. Since 1984, he has served as a member of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Degree Review Groups of the State Council, as well as a convenor of the Civil Engineering and Architecture Groups. He was invited as director of the steering committee of architecture discipline of college in China since 1989 and a consultant since 1998.

Since 1989, Professor Qi has been elected as a master of Chinese survey and design (architecture), the eighth and ninth member of CPPCC National Committee since 1992 and was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993. He has served as a member of the Academy of Degrees Committee of the State Council since 1995, a foreign academician of French Academy of Architectural Sciences in 1997 and as a member of the Post-doctor Management Committee in 2004. He has been engaged in scientific research, design and teaching in the field of architecture and urban planning for a long time. He is the academic leader of Architecture Design and Theory in our school which is one of the national key disciplines.

Since 1950s, Academician Qi has designed and participated in nearly 100 works of different scales, including the Memorial Hall and the axis of the Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs at Yuhuatai in Nanjing, Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall in Nanjing, the Memorial Hall of the Victims in Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders, Wuyi Villa in Fujian, Huangshan International Hotel, Henan Museum in Zhengzhou, Fujian History Museum, Shenyang 918 Memorial Hall and so on. Over the years, Professor Qi has participated in about 20 scientific research projects. Among them, Ways of Urbanization in fairly Developed Areas and Technological and Economic Policies for Small Towns won the second prize of the Ministry of Construction for scientific and technological progress. Comprehensive Township Planning and Design Method, Urban Building Environment Planning and Design Theory and Method, Urban Environment Design, Modern Urban Design Theory and Method were awarded the first, second and third prizes for scientific and technological progress of Education Ministry and the first prize for natural science of Education Ministry. The Memorial Hall and the axis of the Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs at Yuhuatai and Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall and other architectural design projects won two gold awards, one silver award and two copper awards of National Excellent Engineering Design. Professor Qi won the first Architectural Education Award held by the Architectural Society of China in 2004, the seventh Modeling Performance Award of China Federation of Literature in 2008 and the China national construction industry Lifetime Achievement Award and Jiangsu Outstanding Contribution Award in 2015.

In 1980s, Professor Qi’ projects also won the second and third place of the top ten outstanding architectural works in China, which had been exhibited in France, Japan, Switzerland and Canada. He has published nearly 100 papers including the Social Composition of Architectural Creation, the Concept of Architectural Consciousness, the Cultural Characteristics of the City, the Form of the City and nearly 20 monographs such as Urban Architecture. He has trained more than 60 doctor students, more than 80 master students and won the first Liang Sicheng Architecture Award in 2000 which ranking first in the list.

Academician Qi is currently the honorary director of the Department of Architecture of Dalian University of Technology. He has been employed as honorary professors of South China University of Technology, Wuxi Light Industry College, Chongqing University, Chongqing University of Architecture and Yunnan University of Technology. He has also been employed as professors of Architecture Department of Zhejiang University, Southwest Jiaotong University and Qingdao Institute of Technology. In recent years, he has been awarded of honorary titles such as the National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions, the Meritorious Man for Building New Nanjing, the Advanced Scientific and Technological Workers in National Universities and the Leader of Advanced Disciplines in Jiangsu Province.

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